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Take Your DIY Photography To The Next Level For Better Marketing

Good and presentable photos are crucial in building credibility, trust and increasing engagement to the marketing of your brand. Whether it is practical or not, whether it is feasible in term of cost or time or not to hire a professional, you still need good quality photos to step up your game. 

  • Do you have product that is unique and never the same duplicate (eg art works, custom made crafts and items)? 

  •  Are you offering services and you would like to showcase your works on regular basis (eg make up artist, hairstylist, nail artist, decorators, etc)?

  • Are you too busy and wish someone would set up everything for you so you can just click the shutter?

  • Did you buy a camera with hope to take good pictures but do not know how it works?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, we are here to help you!

Tutorial & Practical Sessions

  • Photography for beginners - understanding photography equipment, fundamentals of photography, understanding your camera

  • Taking great pictures - practical session, understanding light

  • Editing

One to one: $60/hour

Small group (2 or more): $40/hour per person

DIY Product Photography & Setup

We help you setup a tabletop station for your product photography and train you to take photos of your products using equipment/devices that you have. We make recommendation on material/gadget that you need as well. 

Expect a ready to use station that you can use to take your product photos.

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