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Making The First Impression To Win Over Potential Clients 

If you have googled someone for their photos before meeting or hiring them, most probably people do the same with you as well.  

An image of you tells the world who you are, represents your brand and it will be the first impression about you and your business. The quality of your image, whether professionally done or just a selfie taken with a cell phone camera is a reflection of your brand quality and value. Understanding your brand and having it conveyed in your image allows you to reach out, make more impact and increase your revenue. 

We are here to help you make that great first impression, making sure not only that you look good, confident and approachable but also cohesive with your brand.  


  • individual headshots

  • staff headshots

  • group portrait of your team

  • high volume headshots (eg complimentary headshots for conference and trade show attendees)

In studio or on-location (your location) for individual or group/staff headshots. 

Individual and group pricing available

Personal Branding

A session with us starts with a consultation to understand your needs and the core ideas of what you want to portray. And plan for the shooting session - the how, where, what and why. 

The goal is to create high quality images that reflect you, your work, your brand and business. 

Individual and group pricing available

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